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The Importance of Structured Cycling Training

Our Youth & Junior Development Programme launched back in January, and has had sign ups from across the British Isles - riders are joining us from as far afield as Wales, Essex and Ireland already!

The programme consists of two sessions per week -  a learning and knowledge class on Monday nights and a structured training session via Zwift / Zoom on a Tuesday night.

Led by Graham Briggs & Ali Slater, we also have regular appearances from Ed Clancy OBE when he’s not tied to his Olympic training schedule.

From 29th March, anyone who has currently been attending the sessions as part of the CB Live provision during lockdown will go back to their usual RACE classes in person at the Doncaster Cycle Track.  However, you can still continue with the Online Youth & Junior Development Programme alongside these sessions by subscription.

We asked expert coaches Graham & Ali why it’s important to include a structured cycling training programme such as our Youth & Junior Development sessions as part of your overall RACE preparation.

Structured Cycling Training

Coaches Graham Briggs & Ali Slater.  Photo Credit: DMC Photography

The benefit of a controlled environment

“Even the pros regularly use turbo training to give them an edge.  Turbo training provides you with a controlled environment where you can manage all the variables.  For instance, if it’s windy, it’s hard to stay in the right zone in terms of effort.  Also, some efforts just won’t be achievable on roads and routes in your area, for instance, when you live somewhere that’s relatively flat.” - Ali Slater

Time efficiency

“There’s no wasted time when it comes to Turbo Training.  Instead of having to spend hours a week spending a long time cycling or driving to the right route to match your training programme, you can make every second count on the Turbo.” - Graham Briggs

“If you’re under 16, you may only be going out on long rides when you can be accompanied by an adult - this will naturally limit how much training you can do as parents may be busy with work or other commitments.  Teenagers also tend to have quite a bit of homework to do, which can limit the amount of time available to go on longer rides.” - Ali Slater


“It’s very difficult to concentrate on the skills road racers need to develop if they are riding in a busy area or navigating traffic.  Limited daylight for a lot of the year also brings an element of risk to training.  On the Turbo you can stay focused on what you’re trying to achieve and not worry about other road users.” - Ali Slater

Knowledge Access

“At our Monday evening sessions, we cover all aspects of a structured training plan.  We regularly have expert guests to share their knowledge with the group - cycling legend John Herety was one of our recent guest speakers.  At these sessions your cycling coaches focus on education on topics such as strength training, measuring maximum heart rate, coping with training stress and insight about key cycling events.” - Graham Briggs

Monday Night Cycling Education Sessions

Monday Night Education Sessions

Team Camaraderie

“On the Turbo sessions the group ride we do is called ‘Keep it Together’.  Nobody can go off ahead, we keep everyone together with Ali Slater as the group leader.  Sometimes we’ll be doing 180bpm and still trying to speak as we tell the kids what to do.  We do get a little bit competitive but when it’s coming to the end of the session and you’re trying to keep with the group, you have to make a certain effort to keep up.  The kids love it because there’s always someone at the same level as them for them to race with and be pushed alongside”. - Graham Briggs

Tuesday Night Turbo Sessions

Tuesday Night 'Keep it Together' Turbo Sessions

What Next?

Our Youth & Junior Development Programme is open to any riders aged 10-18, wherever they live.  Monthly subscription for this programme is £30.  Joining instructions will be provided by email after subscription. 

To subscribe to our Clancy Briggs LIVE Youth & Junior Development Programme, visit our academy booking page

Find out what cycling legend, John Herety, had to say about this programme

If you have further questions, please get in touch.

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