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Our mission

Our mission is to move a generation of children, putting the bicycle back at the heart of childhood play, forming lifelong habits that will deliver benefits for health and the environment for years to come.

Our founders

Ed Clancy OBE
Ed Clancy OBE
Graham Briggs
Graham Briggs
A three time Olympic Champion, six time World Champion and five time European Champion, Ed is an integral member of the awe inspiring Great Britain Cycling Team as well as the most successful team pursuit rider in history. World class, role model, team leader. Down to earth, approachable and fun. The People’s Champion

What did you get up to on a bike when you were a kid?

As a kid, cycling was all about fun and freedom. I never saw cycling as anything else in my youth. After school or at the weekends I used to meet up with like-minded friends and create makeshift race circuits around local playgrounds using sticks or rocks as turning points. As we grew older we became more adventurous and made ramps using planks of wood and bricks we found lying around. Now and again we would go for an adventure and explore some woods or a new village on the bikes. I never set out to become anything in particular, I only wanted to escape, explore, and have a good time.

What made you want to have a career in cycling?

What's going to keep you riding when you retire as a pro?

Our coaches

It goes without saying that all our Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy coaches are DBS checked and have the formal qualifications that enable them to work with young people. As such all our assistants have a minimum of British Cycling Level 1 or Balanceability qualifications. For our leaders, British Cycling Level 2 or Bikeability is our minimum standard. As we built our team though, we wanted to find people with something extra, so amongst our team you'll find staff with experience in social work, foster care, able to make a meaningful connection with children of all backgrounds as they find their place in our mini cycling community.

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