John Herety backs Youth & Junior Development Programme

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John Herety backs the CB LIVE Youth & Junior Development Programme

This month, we’ve launched our nationwide, CB LIVE Youth & Junior Development Programme.  

It’s our way of ensuring first class cycling coaching is available to all kids aged 10-18, not just those who live near a Clancy Briggs Academy.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to know that a true legend from the cycling world - John Herety - has given our programme the thumbs up!

Anyone who knows anything about cycling will have heard of John Herety.  

But just in case you need a re-cap, John is a pro-cyclist turned manager who successfully steered JLT Condor, the longest standing British based UCI Continental cycling team, for over a decade.  

Graham Briggs racing when John Herety managed the team. Photo: Andy Jones

Graham Briggs racing when John Herety managed the team. Photo: Andy Jones

And that description only begins to scratch the surface of his accolades and cycling career.  If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out his Wiki page for the full low down on his career.

These days, John is still in regular contact with the Clancy Briggs coaches - Ed Clancy OBE, Graham Briggs & Ali Slater - having cemented lifelong relationships with them during his time as the manager of the JLT Condor team.

Graham Briggs, Ali Slater, Ed Clancy OBE

The 'Dream Team' Graham Briggs, Ali Slater & Ed Clancy OBE

He’s also been known to keep an eye on his old team members down at the Doncaster cycle track, observing how they’re bringing cycling coaching to a new generation of kids.  John says: “‘I was extremely impressed with the session, it was fantastic to see.  They couldn’t have a better combination of coaches”.

So when did John become aware that the Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy was on the horizon?

“I had the pleasure of managing all three of these guys and knew about the Clancy Briggs project years before it came to fruition.  When Graham and Ed shared rooms at races, they would be talking about it, throwing ideas around and asking me questions.  Seeing the academy in real life is incredible as I know how many years they spent planning this.”

When our co-founders, Ed & Graham started setting up the Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy, they used John as a sounding board on numerous occasions. This latest initiative, the Youth & Junior Development Programme, has been no exception. 

Graham Briggs with John Herety

Graham Briggs with John Herety. Photo Credit: Andy Jones

John explains more: “I think this virtual programme is exactly what’s needed in the UK right now for those youngsters interested in racing.  Given the way kids are these days, online is the perfect format for them.  The content is excellent and will really capture their attention and imagination.  I think this is a brilliant way to teach the next generation of cyclists.”

Graham Briggs & Ed Clancy OBE celebrate with their team members & John Herety

Graham Briggs & Ed Clancy OBE celebrate with their team members & John Herety. Photo: Andy Jones

Talking of content, John also hints as to what we can expect from the Youth & Junior Development coaches during the sessions: 

“They were part of what was the best criterium team in the world at that time when all three of them were riding together.  They’re the dream team for a coaching set up and I know they’ll make the sessions fun and informative all backed up by a pedigree of having raced at the highest level in the UK & Internationally”.

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