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Nationwide Launch - Virtual Youth & Junior Development Programme

We’re delighted to announce that our virtual cycling academy is BACK on Monday 4th October 2021.

Open to all 10-18 year olds across the UK!

And this time, Ed Clancy OBE will be involved on a weekly basis - meaning you get tips from a three-time Olympic champion EVERY WEEK!

Youth & Junior Cycling Development Programme

Our CB Live Youth & Junior Development Programme provides an enjoyable mentoring & education based programme to help all young athletes reach their potential, making the most of our Ex-Pro coaches’ racing expertise. 

It’s our way of ensuring first class cycling coaching is available to all kids aged 10-18, not just those who live near a Clancy Briggs Academy.

And we're thrilled that a true legend from the cycling world - John Herety - has given our programme the thumbs up!

The knowledge our coaches have gained over the course of their racing careers gives them a unique ability to mentor young riders - so Clancy Briggs Live has been created to ensure this knowledge is available to all kids throughout the UK.

Accessibility is at the core of Clancy Briggs Live, rather than selecting by ability or geographical location, we are committed to ensuring our knowledge reaches as many young riders as possible, creating an opportunity for all.

We’re passionate about ensuring that with the right approach, the skills young people learn through our programme are useful not just on the bike, but in wider life: tenacity, discipline, focus, time management, communication, teamwork, patience etc. 

Virtual Cycling Academy Classes

By encouraging youngsters to talk through and importantly, to think about their experiences in cycling, our Youth & Junior Development programme will provide a wide range of transferable skills.

Cycling is a complex sport, it’s certainly much more than just pedalling hard. Through this programme we want to provide an accessible platform to share our experience, help riders learn valuable skills on and off the bike & create a community that allows young riders develop into adaptable, resilient and independent athletes.

Subscribers can attend 2 x virtual classes every single week where we cover a range of subjects which will be invaluable in supporting racing development.

Our Ex-Pro Cycling Coaches will deliver the Youth & Junior Development Programme

Clancy Briggs LIVE's Youth & Junior Development Programme includes 2 sessions per week on an action packed Monday evening:

5.30pm - 6.30pm

This is our structured turbo training session, live via Zwift / Zoom, this session will be a great chance to get some specific efforts into your week’s riding, pick up some training tips from our coaches & challenge them as they complete the session along with you).

6.30pm - 7.15pm - Shower & Fuel Up!

7.15pm - 7.45pm

We’ll be running a 30-minute education session, covering a variety of topics such as:

  • Pre-Race Workshops - Our coaches will break down national level events and provide detailed insight into how to approach the competition.
  • Post-Race Review Sessions – We’ll create good post-race habits and teach riders about the importance of effective feedback.
  • Discipline Specific Training Workshops – What to focus on and how to structure your training for different disciplines (Road, Cyclo-Cross, Track and MTB) – with the focus on enabling athletes to take ownership of their own training.
  • Psychological Tools and Mindset Development – How we can develop processes to help us perform in training, on race day and after our events.
  • Importance of Creating an Effective Support Group – How to ensure cohesion between members of your support group (parents, coaches, athletes etc).
  • How to Create Balance – How to juggle school, social and sporting commitments and create a happy balance.
  • Nutrition Workshops and Talks – What to eat in and around training & racing and how important we believe a healthy relationship with food is in sport.
  • Regular Guest Speakers - From qualified nutritionists to current pro cyclists we’ll bring in experts to bring a different view point and add their specific knowledge to our sessions.

What Next?

Monthly subscription for this programme is £30

Please note that no joining fee is required if you use code CBLIVE at the checkout*.

Joining instructions will be provided by email after subscription. 

*T&Cs Apply

To subscribe to our Clancy Briggs LIVE Youth & Junior Development Programme, visit our booking page

Find out what cycling legend, John Herety, had to say about this programme

If you have further questions about CB LIVE, please get in touch.

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