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Clancy Briggs RACE Classes

Our cycling RACE Classes are proving to be an extremely popular part of the Clancy Briggs learning pathway.

The Saturday morning RACE session at Doncaster Cycle Track is attended by 20 kids each week who get to learn from our amazing Pro-Cyclist Coaches.

Perhaps you’re wondering if a RACE session would be suitable for your child, but you’re not sure how the classes work or what’s involved.  Read on to find out more.

Doncaster Cycle Track - RACE Classes

Who is the RACE class suitable for?

This class is for children aged 10 to 16 who are able to ride a bike confidently and independently and have an interest in competitive cycling.  These sessions are focused around race skills and competition. 

Coach Ali Slater explains more:

“Our RACE classes are for faster, sporty kids who want a competitive element.  Kids will need a good level of fitness as sessions are a bit longer and more intense”

Typical Activities at a RACE class

We want the riders to enjoy fun, action packed sessions with new experiences so they have the chance to really develop their skills.  We’ll be working on their skills with ramps, team building, playing cycling games and obviously lots of competitions and races.

We also introduce riders to better cornering, bunch riding skills, gear selection, standing starts and tactical tips, but our primary focus is ensuring the sessions are fun and really engaging.

Ali Slater is really proud of the Clancy Briggs RACE sessions: 

“It’s been great seeing the race sessions develop and grow in such a short space of time, the kids attending are really developing, they tend to be faster in general with some great skills but the real difference with this class is it’s very competition orientated”.

Cycling Race Classes at Doncaster Cycle Track

Setting your child up for a future in racing

If your child is racing, or thinking about starting, our RACE classes are essential to introduce them to a set of skills which are the essential tools of good racers at every level of the sport.

Clancy Briggs Founder & Pro-Cyclist, Graham Briggs, explains more: 

“I like to help youngsters coming up, I feel like I can spot those who have potential and really support them to achieve their racing goals.  We’ve already identified several riders who we’d like to see attending the British Cycling Talent Development Centre starting in September”.

What next?

If you’d like to sign your child up for our RACE session, visit our academy page here

Book a session at the British Cycling Talent Development Centre 

Is your child interested in developing cycling skills without being competitive? Check out our PEDAL classes instead.

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