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Learning to ride a bike is, we believe, a fundamental life skill. Studies have shown that cycling not only improves health, both physical & mental but it’s a brilliant form of transport, cost effective, reduces pollution & traffic. Above all, cycling is fun & we love to see young riders out on their bikes enjoying the simple pleasures of a bike ride.
 At Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy, we have several sessions aimed at helping youngsters of all ages master the skills of learning to ride & now, with the weather improving & summer just around the corner is the perfect time to get started!

 Read on for details & more about how you can get involved.


We currently are operating our learn to ride sessions from two locations...

Doncaster Dome cycle track, DN4 7PD

Brooksbank Cycle Track, Halifax, Elland HX5 0TA


Our Balance classes are cycling classes aimed squarely at youngsters aged between 18months & 6 years. Contrary to the name, our Balance classes are aimed at teaching youngsters the fundamentals of cycling & progressing them onto pedals. In these classes we start from the ground up, learning the fundamental movements that underpin cycling, some of these we teach off the bike using a range of exercises and games. We then progress these fundamental cycling movements onto the balance bikes (these are like regular cycles without the pedals), here we work on developing that on bike balance, key to cycling success. As a final step for youngsters who have mastered the balance and steering of their bikes we transition onto pedals. By their end of their time at our balance classes youngsters will have learnt how to ride and control their cycle unaided. Balance sessions cost £35/month for a 40min session each week.

You can get involved with our Balance session by signing up to the classes, using the links below. Our Halifax classes resume on March the 4th. 

Doncaster academy Saturday 09:00-09:45

Halifax Academy Saturday 11:00-11:40


Our Learn classes are similar to our balance classes, but aimed at older riders (7years+) who perhaps lack the confidence or experience needed to ride their bikes unaided. In an age appropriate environment with smaller class sizes we aim to remove any stigma around learning to ride a bike. We're passionate about progressing young riders to the point that they are competent cyclists, able of experience the sense of freedom and enjoy the joy so many of us find on 2 wheels.

Learn classes cost £38/month for a 40min session each week.

At Both Doncaster & Halifax Learn sessions resume on March 4th - sign up early to secure your place!

Doncaster academy Saturday 11:00-11:45

Halifax Academy Saturday 11:00-11:45


Accelerate classes are our bespoke 1:1 classes. These are an opportunity to fast track a riders learning. They’ll benefit from 1:1 tuition from one of our experienced coaches & allow for the full focus of the coach. Working with the rider, coaches will be able to quickly identify areas that the riders would benefit from improvement in & tailor the session to ensure the best outcome.

Accelerate sessions cost £50 per 55minutes & can be booked by contacting us via team@clancybriggs.co.uk

What next

Not sure which class is right for you? Why not try out a class at our Halifax academy taster day on March 4th or contact us via team@clancybriggs.co.uk & we’ll be happy to assist you.

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