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Class Types - Explained

At Clancy Briggs we often get asked by parents which of our classes would be best suited to their youngster, so we’ve put this blog together to help explain the differences between our different cycling classes.


Our Balance classes are cycling classes aimed squarely at youngsters aged between 18months & 6 years, who need to learn the absolute fundamentals of cycling. In these classes we start from the ground up, learning the fundamental movements that underpin cycling, some of these we teach off the bike using a range of exercises and games. We then progress these fundamental cycling movements onto the balance bikes (these are like regular cycles without the pedals), here we work on developing that on bike balance, key to cycling success. As a final step for youngsters who have mastered the balance and steering of their bikes we transition onto pedals. By their end of their time at our balance classes youngsters will have learnt how to ride and control their cycle unaided. Balance sessions cost £35/month for a 40min session each week.

Riders learn the fundamentals involved in learning to ride a bike.


Our Learn classes are similar to our balance classes, but aimed at older riders (7years+) who perhaps lack the confidence or experience needed to ride their bikes unaided. In an age appropriate environment with smaller class sizes we aim to remove any stigma around learnng to ride a bike. We're passionate about progressing young riders to the point that they are competent cyclists, able of experience the sense of freedom and enjoy the joy so many of us find on 2 wheels. Learn classes cost £38/month for a 40min session each week.

A older rider and their coach on a Learn session.


Our pedal classes are open to youngsters aged 5 years +, they’re best described as, fun on bikes.
In these classes we use a wide range of ramps and equipment alongside the local terrain to challenge riders and develop their skills in as many ways as we can. 
Riders in these classes riders forge friendships through shared experiences and overcoming cycling challenges, youngsters will learn more than they ever though possible.
All pedal classes are open to the full age range, although we often try to group similar ages/abilities of rider together, if our coaches think another timeslot would be more suitable for your youngster they will contact you to discuss.
You don't need any specific type of bike to take part in these sessions, mtb’s, road bikes or hybrids are all welcome. The only pre-requisites are that youngsters can pedal unaided, without stabilisers or assistance & that they can competently control a bike, being able to start and stop safely. Pedal classes cost £36/month for a 45min session each week.

Young riders in our Pedal class cycling up a grassy hill.


Our race classes are aimed at riders aged 10-16years who have a competitive streak. In these classes we incorporate more opportunities for competition. A session will often consist of some skills & technique practice, before we put what we've just learned to the test in a competitive scenario.
Riders don’t need to have any racing experience or even a set level of fitness, all these sessions require is a desire to get stuck in and race. We don’t specify specific bikes for our race classes, although at certain academies the sessions are better suited to a specific bike type (e.g. Doncaster Saturdays – road bikes) than others, so it’s always best to check with us before booking on if you're unsure. Race sessions cost £38/month, for a 1hr session each week.

A group of young racers at the Doncaster cycle track.


Our accelerate classes are our 1:1 sessions, open to all ages. Accelerate cycling classes are the perfect opportunity for riders of all ages to work on their skills and fast track their learning. In these sessions we can create a truly bespoke experience to improve you chosen skill, anything from sprinting to jumping  - our coaching team have got you covered. Accelerate sessions cost £40/hour.

A rider and a coach sprint to the line on road bikes.


TDC stands for Talent development centres, these non-standard sessions run in conjunction with Britishcycling. They’re aimed at young racing cyclists on road bikes aged between 12-17years. We currently run a TDC from Doncaster on Wednesday evenings 18:30-20:30. They’re the first step on British cycling’s talent pathway & perfect for those riders who already have some racing experience and are looking to develop their fitness and racing skills further. You can read more about our TDC sessions in our previous blog here. TDC sessions cost £8.50 per 2hr weekly session.

3 young racers cycling fast.

What next?

You can find out more about our classes on the academy page Or To find the classes near you, use our find a class page and enter your postcode.

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