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How to Bunny Hop on a Bike - Our Step By Step Guide

Is there anything cooler?  Being able to bunny hop over obstacles is such a brilliant skill and is so much fun.  If you’ve not yet mastered this, don’t despair, Ed’s put together some tips and demos to get you going.

Take a look at our slow motion demo and then check out our step by step guide below.

Step 1

Make sure you have flat pedals and trainers on. Clipped in pedals isn’t the best way to learn.  Always wear a helmet and practice on grass to start with.

Bunny Hop Step 1

Step 2

When you approach the obstacle, from a standing position, throw your weight back and lock your arms out until your front wheel is lifted comfortably off the ground.

Bunny Hop Step 2

Step 3

Continue to throw your weight backwards over the rear of the seat and beyond to help lift your front wheel higher.

Bunny Hop Step 3

Step 4

Once you have good front wheel height quickly spring your body weight upwards and forwards and lift your bars.  Hopefully this will lift the rear wheel off the ground!

Bunny Hop Step 4

But as Ed says, there’s really only one way to learn:  

“You can talk forever for technique on bunny hopping, but you just have to get out there and practice it!  Good Luck!”

What next?

Bunny Hops along with ramps and other obstacles are all part of our kids cycling classes at the Doncaster Cycle Track and Ranby House School in Retford.

If you’d like to get your kids signed up, visit our Academy page to book.

Find out more about our classes:




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