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PEDAL Power! Children’s Cycling Classes in Doncaster

Once your child can ride a bike without stabilisers and is confidently pedalling, they’ll be ready for our PEDAL class.

However, we don’t move children into PEDAL just based on their age or cycling ability, this class is ideal for kids who are further along in their social development - as coach Ali Slater explains:

“Some 4 year olds have been learning to ride since they were 18 months old, so they’re pretty confident riders.  However, we tend to move them up when we see they can follow instruction really well and are further along in their social development.  We actively monitor social and listening skills to see if they are ready to step up to pedal”.

To ensure we can accommodate a range of abilities in PEDAL, especially since not all children will want to move into a RACE class at the age of 10, we have different levels of session

Children's Cycling Classes in Doncaster


These mid-week sessions are appropriate for kids who have mastered their balance bikes and have only just started out with pedals 

Here we focus on riding around securely, starting on their own and riding confidently in a straight line.  

We also start to introduce more on braking and different experiences your child may come across when riding such as changes in gradients.

PEDAL classes are suitable for any age

Advanced PEDAL

This session is similar and still focused on having fun on bikes but we start to introduce slightly more competition and speed. We also use more difficult ramps and progress the skills they’ve learnt all the way through PEDAL. 

Ali Slater explains more:

“Our Advanced PEDAL classes are ideal for kids who might be interested in moving up to RACE in future, but they’re not quite ready for it.  It’s a great way to introduce them to more competitive cycling without too much pressure.”

Where are our PEDAL classes located?

We now have two locations for PEDAL classes:

  1. Doncaster Cycle Track - The site is at the rear of Doncaster Dome and it opened in 2019.  Our flagship cycling academy is located here with children’s cycling classes running on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  2. Ranby House School, Retford - Sessions here are open to the public on Thursday evenings from 10th September 2020.

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