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Halifax Academy Spring Taster Day 2023

On Saturday March the 4th, we’re really excited to say that we’re reopening our Halifax Academy sessions at the wonderful Brooksbank cycle track. To celebrate the reopening of our Halifax Academy we’re running a taster day where the sessions can be booked for a £1 booking fee.

Whereabouts are the sessions taking place?

The sessions are taking place at the Brooksbank cycle track, Hammerstone Leach Ln, Elland HX5 0TA on Saturday March 4th.

Who are we?

We’re Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy, a cycling academy passionate about getting people of all ages & abilities out on their bikes. We were founded by 3 x Olympic champion Ed Clancy & former national champion and professional rider Graham Briggs.

The Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy offers a group environment which encourages learning and development. Your child will become part of a group that learns to play at cycling together, rewarding each other and spurring each other onwards as they acquire new skills and abilities.

For many of us, being on a bike with friends is a thread that ties together years of childhood memories and with Clancy Briggs we want your child to create their own memories that they’ll take forward in life. Learning to ride is a gift we give to the next generation and with it comes the likelihood that they’ll live a longer, happier and healthier life as a result.

Class types

We’ve got 4 classes available to be booked as a taster session, Balance, Learn, Pedal & Race. We’ve outlined each class below.

Balance – Our Balance classes are aimed at youngsters aged between 18months & 6 years & focus on developing the fundamentals of cycling. We start from the ground up, learning the fundamental movements that underpin cycling, some of these we teach off the bike using a range of exercises and games. We then progress these fundamental cycling movements onto the balance bikes, here we work on developing that on bike balance, key to cycling success. As a final step for youngsters who have mastered the balance and steering of their bikes we transition onto pedals.

Learn - Our Learn classes are similar to our balance classes, but aimed at older riders (7years+) who perhaps lack the confidence or experience needed to ride their bikes unaided. In an age appropriate environment with smaller class sizes we aim to remove any stigma around learning to ride a bike.

Pedal - Our pedal classes are open to youngsters aged 5 years +, they’re best described as, fun on bikes. In these classes we use a wide range of ramps and equipment alongside the local terrain to challenge riders and develop their skills in as many ways as we can. Riders in these classes’ riders forge friendships through shared experiences and overcoming cycling challenges, youngsters will learn more than they ever thought possible.

Race - Our race classes are aimed at riders aged 10-16years who have a competitive streak. In these classes we incorporate more opportunities for competition. A session will often consist of some skills & technique practice, before we put what we've just learned to the test in a competitive scenario.

Riders don’t need to have any racing experience or even a set level of fitness, all these sessions require is a desire to get stuck in and race.

Taster session timing & booking.

All taster sessions take place on March 4th & have a booking fee of £1.

Balance taster 11:00 - 11:40 - https://www.clancybriggs.co.uk/academy/book-class/63be83a79b9c9826296dce56

Learn taster 11:00 – 11:40 - https://www.clancybriggs.co.uk/academy/book-class/63b6c9079b9c9826296d4bc0  

Pedal taster 11:45 - 12:30 - https://www.clancybriggs.co.uk/academy/book-class/63be82f79b9c9826296dcb0b

Race taster 12:30 -13:15 - https://www.clancybriggs.co.uk/academy/book-class/63be83469b9c9826296dcb63

What next?

Would you like to develop your skills more regularly or perhaps you attended one of our taster sessions & would like to come back again. You’re in luck, our regular classes run on a monthly subscription, where you pay a fee each month to attend one class per week. If you’d like to join our weekly classes, which take place on Saturdays at Brooksbank track, you can do so through the links below.

Balance 11:00 – 11:40 |Book here. Learn 11:00 – 11:40 |Book here. Pedal 11:45 – 12:30 | Book here. Race 12:30 – 13:15 | Book here. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about Clancy Briggs Academy, head over to our about page & read on.

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