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Woodland Fun at Our Retford Cycling Academy

If you haven't yet tried our Retford academy, your kids are missing a real treat!

Set in the beautiful grounds of Ranby House School, the sessions at our Retford Academy have a very different feel to those at the Doncaster Cycle Track, simply because the setting is so different.

The Clancy Briggs Academy in Retford

Coach Ed O'Connell explains more:

"I love the sessions at Ranby House School.  We set up activities using as much of the space available as possible, meaning the kids are essentially flying round in the woods and grassy areas just as I remember doing with my brothers when I was a kid!  It's exactly as cycling for kids should be - loads of fun on bikes in a really safe environment."

Ed works extensively with our younger riders who are just learning to balance properly: 

"The beauty of the Retford Academy is that we can use the grass, which is a much softer landing place for any little tumbles, and for the BALANCE classes we use an indoor sports hall."

Varied terrain for developing cycling skills in Retford

Our coaches are able to maximise their use of the fantastic grounds and incorporate woodland trails and the extensive playing fields into the training repertoire, meaning the kids get to explore further off road skills.

With it's varied terrain it's also the perfect venue to develop the kids' mountain bike skillsets.

As Coach Ali Slater explains:

"I really enjoyed smashing around on my mountain bike when I was a kid - that was when my enjoyment and passion for the competitive side of cycling started before I then got into cyclo-cross.  The Retford location is amazing for practicing the skills needed for all the different disciplines, so the interest is there for all kids, not just those who are focused on the road bike."

Our Retford Academy Timetable currently has availability for new riders:

LEARN Class - Thursdays @ 17.30

PEDAL Class - Thursdays @ 17.30 

We also offer 1-2-1 Coaching at our Retford location.

What Next?

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Visit our academy page for full session information.

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