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Race Coaching in Doncaster

At Clancy Briggs we’re passionate racers, reflecting the professional background of our founders, former national champion Graham Briggs & former Olympic champ Ed Clancy.

Our Race sessions are all about helping inspire & develop the next generation of young racers. They’re led by our expert race coaches, who are all former pro riders – it’s not often you can say you’ve had coaching from a pro.

Types of Race sessions.

Race classes

Our “Race Class” sessions take place on Saturday mornings (11:15 – 12:15) & Wednesday evenings (18:30 – 20:00). These sessions are aimed at 10-16yr olds & are all about skill acquisition & fun. We believe that skill development is absolutely essential for any young racing cyclist, which is why we place so much emphasis on skill acquisition in these sessions.  

Race Development Sessions.

For older riders we also run our “Race development sessions”, these sessions take place on Wednesday evenings 18:30-20:30 & are aimed at riders aged 13-17. Whilst still focusing on developing riders’ skills and techniques, we begin to incorporate structured efforts and focus on improving rider’s fitness as well. Think of this session as a training session rather than a skills class.

What do we get up to in our Race sessions?

In our race classes We want the riders to enjoy fun, action packed sessions with new experiences so they have the chance to really develop their skills.

We’ll often start the sessions with some skills-based games, before moving onto a skill specific drill, for example we might break down a corner, discuss the relevant techniques before practicing the full skill using a short circuit, finally we’ll include competition and test the practiced skills out with the extra pressure (& fun) of competition.

Our Race development sessions follow a similar structure with the addition of a fitness focused element, we usually include a mixture of shorter strength/speed efforts with some longer (10-15m) aerobic stamina focused efforts.

Which class is best suited to me?

For riders newer to road racing or aged under 12 we’d recommend our race classes, for more experienced riders or those racing in Youth A, B or Junior categories we’d suggest our “Race Development Sessions”.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to sign your child up for our RACE session, visit our academy page here

Book a session at our Race Development Sessions here.

Is your child interested in developing cycling skills without being competitive? Check out our PEDAL classes instead.

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