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Our Personalised Cycling Coaching Packages

First we brought you a programme of academy classes for young cyclists.

Next, we cemented our partnership with British Cycling by offering weekly Talent Development Centres.

Then, we developed our ground-breaking Youth & Junior Development Programme - a virtual nationwide programme that champions cycling education and camaraderie using guest speakers and turbo sessions.

So there could only be one logical next step - our personalised cycling coaching programmes for ALL ages.

Three Coaching Packages With One Purpose: Be Your Best 

Expert coach and pro-cyclist, Ali Slater, explains who our personalised cycling coaching is for:

"We've got the Youth, the Junior & then the Senior programmes, covering kids from the age of about 13 right up to adults who are looking to improve their skills and structure their training - maybe to improve their amateur race results.  As you might expect, we have a number of keen youngsters using our personalised coaching to help them on their path if they're thinking of exploring a professional cycling career."
Coach Ali Slater

Coach Ali Slater

We have a dedicated team of talented and passionate coaches to help deliver all our packages and although you may be assigned one coach, you will still have access to the knowledge and expertise of all of our coaching staff including Ed Clancy OBE & Graham Briggs.

All packages offer the same uncompromising attitude to providing a quality coaching service.

The reason we offer three separate programmes is to ensure all elements of our cycling coaching and delivery fits the athlete's individual stage of development.

All our packages use the online Today's plan platform to display prescribed training, record feedback & log training data.

Youth Development Coaching Programme - for Under 16s

This cycling coaching programme is focused on riders who are 16 and under - riders are typically aged 14 & 15, maybe 13 depending on their development.

For this age group, we provide a comprehensive package of support to assist with a young rider’s development. At this age, we’re not focused solely on performance.  We’re keen to support riders to develop into well-rounded, independent, adaptable and resilient athletes.

Cycling Coaching

Although we will place some emphasis on training techniques and improving power data, we are still very much focused on skill acquisition & creating good training habits.

Ali Slater explains more:

"We use online training software to set the rider's sessions for them.  All the detail is in there - it means they can go out and do a training session and use their bike computer to upload their rides.  Then we as coaches can review the sessions, look at their heart rate data and power and leave feedback.  
This programme is really for youngsters who are looking to race nationally and progress.  It's not just about being able to ride your bike well, it's learning how to race.  Cycling is different to other sports.  If you're into football, you train three times a week at football practice.  But with cycling the majority of the training is done on your own, and if you don't know what you're going, you don't know where to start. "

Development Coaching Programme - For Riders Aged 16-23

This programme is focused on riders between the ages of 16 - 23 (Junior and U23 age categories)

At this important period in a young riders’ career they need an enhanced coaching package.  

The focus is still on supporting riders to develop into well-rounded, independent, adaptable and resilient athletes, however we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the level of support we provide.

As riders develop we focus more on the physiological side of training, here the experience of our coaches assists us when setting relevant training sessions, analysing rider’s data & providing tactical insight.

Ali Slater explains this package is for those riders who are getting a little it more serious:

"Whereas with the under 16s we're teaching them the basics, this next programme up is when things really start advancing.  We speak to the riders more regularly, still using the same tools for feedback, but generally riders are getting more serious at this age.  There are more riders who are exploring whether they can make a career out of cycling so we provide more performance based coaching with added contact to make the programme even more personalised and to give them the best chance of success."

Senior Coaching Package - for riders aged 23 and over

Whatever your goal in cycling - whether it's a race, a sportive or simply a desire to beat your personal bests, this single premium-quality coaching package is the best there is.

Coaches Ed Clancy OBE & Graham Briggs

Coaches Ed Clancy OBE & Graham Briggs

Coached by one of our highly experienced cycling coaches who have not only competed at the highest level in the sport, but who have also been coached by world class coaches themselves, this programme is for those adult cycling enthusiasts who have the energy and drive to push themselves further and to higher heights.  Ali explains more:

"There are very few riders aged 23+ who will become professionals, so this package is about helping adult riders to be as good as they possible can be at something they're passionate about.  One of my current coaching clients is looking to compete in an endurance challenge so we're working with him to make his training totally appropriate for this goal.  Really at this stage it's about helping the most passionate adult cyclists to achieve their goals by building an effective and efficient training programme around their other family and work commitments."

What next?

If you like the idea of a personalised approach to your cycling coaching, we want to hear from you.

Our packages start at £95 per month and provide access to an unrivalled collection of pro-cyclist coaches who will work with you closely to help you achieve your cycling dreams.

Visit our coaching page to find out more or get in touch to enquire.

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