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Learn to ride this spring.

What better time to learn to ride your bike than in spring time, as the weather gets warmer and summer approaches. Fortunately for you, at Clancy Briggs we’ve got plenty of opportunities running this spring to help you learn to ride your bikes. By starting with us in the spring you’re all but ensuring that your youngsters will be able to enjoy those summer evening family bike rides by the time summer rolls around.

Fun on bikes in the spring time.


We offer two types of classes for those looking to learn to ride, balance classes and Learn classes. Our Balance classes are for younger riders looking to pick up the fundamentals of cycling. Basic off bike movements, which we then transfer across to the bike. Our Learn classes however are for older riders who perhaps lack the confidence or haven’t previously had the opportunity to learn to ride. In an age appropriate environment with smaller class sizes we aim to remove any stigma around learning to ride a bike. We're passionate about progressing young riders to the point that they are competent cyclists, able of experience the sense of freedom and enjoy the joy so many of us find on 2 wheels.

Group of riders and coach in woodland, enjoying the outdoors on their bikes.

Where & When

Across our academies we have several learn classes running each week.

In Doncaster, at the Doncaster Dome cycle track, we run Learn on Monday’s 16:45-17:30 or on Saturdays 11:45-12:30. This purpose-built cycle circuit is a fantastic venue from which to learn to ride. The track features smooth straights and an eye-catching cobbled climb. The change in gradient assists us when teaching youngsters to learn to ride & provides opportunity to challenge riders as they improve their skills. In Retford, from Ranby House school, we run classes on Thursday evenings 17:30-18:15. Ranby House is a wonderful venue, with extensive grounds including wide open playing fields and mature woodland – it’s a perfect place to learn to ride in. The varied terrain allows us to work on all aspects of youngster’s skills & gives riders to opportunity to develop their skills as they grow. In Halifax, from the Brooksbank cycle circuit, we run sessions on Saturdays 11:00-11:40. Again this is a purpose-built cycle circuit that’s tucked away just off the m62 on the outskirts of Halifax. The car free environment is a brilliant place to teach youngsters to ride their bikes, it allows riders to safely learn the basics.

Grinning faces, having fun on bikes.

How long does it take to learn?

The million-dollar question, the answer isn’t always straightforward. On average we move riders through our learn classes in around 4 weeks, however this is dependant on multiple factors like age, initial experience & time available to practice at home.

What next?

You can find & book classes over on our academy page or if you like the sound of riding with us but aren’t sure if Learn is the place for you find out more details about our different class types.

Champion of the week in our learn to ride cycle class.

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