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A bike cantake you anywhere

We provide the skills. They create the memories.

For many of us, being on a bike with friends is a thread that ties together years of childhood memories and with Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy we want your child to create their own memories that they’ll take forward in life. Teaching children to ride can be a challenge though, many of us struggle to find the time in our lives and the right space in our busy urban environment to gift our children this life changing skill. The Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy offers a group environment that encourages learning and development, rewarding that commitment and development as part of their journey. Your child will become part of a group that learns to play at cycling together, rewarding each other and spurring each other onwards as they acquire new skills and abilities.

18 Months+Balance

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7 Years+Learn

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All AgesPedal

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10-16 YearsRace

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All AgesAccelerate

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12 Years+British Cycling

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"More than transport, more than sport. A bike can take you anywhere, we want to build a generation that loves cycling and loves the places it takes them. That journey begins by exploring the fun you can have on two wheels."
Ed Clancy OBE & Graham Briggs

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Our British Cycling Affiliated Club is there for everyone who wants to be part of the Clancy Briggs mission. So whether you're a casual fan, or wanting to race in our colours, our doors are open.

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