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Teaching children to ride can be a challenge. Many of us struggle to find the time in our lives and the right space in our busy urban environment to gift our children this life changing skill. The Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy offers a group environment which encourages learning and development. Your child will become part of a group that learns to play at cycling together, rewarding each other and spurring each other onwards as they acquire new skills and abilities.

For many of us, being on a bike with friends is a thread that ties together years of childhood memories and with Clancy Briggs we want your child to create their own memories that they’ll take forward in life. Learning to ride is a gift we give to the next generation and with it comes the likelihood that they’ll live a longer, happier and healthier life as a result.

Balance18 Months+

Learn7 Years+

PedalAll Ages

Race10-16 Years

AccelerateAll Ages

British CyclingTalent Pathway


Our home is the Doncaster Cycle Track which is a brand new world class cycling facility at the rear of the Doncaster Dome in Yorkshire. The track is a 1km long 6m wide floodlit circuit that is closed to traffic to create a safe environment.

We will also have other academies running throughout the UK.

We are a Nationwide business that will be coming to your area soon.


Our learning environment rewards commitment and development, our ethos is about meeting your child where they are and helping them develop. There’s no speeding off into the distance and no child is left behind. As long as they keep attending, we’ll keep our focus on their development.

Clancy Briggs Bear

Commitment is rewarded in the Balance Classes with the opportunity to look after the “Clancy Briggs Bear” as part of their journey.

Medal for Pedals

A key milestone in a child’s cycling journey. Once your child has learnt to ride their bicycle, it’s a gift from us as they progress from their beginners group to the next stage of their development.

Champion of the Week

Each week, in each group our coaches select a rider of the week. The award recognises the efforts of one particular rider who has impresssed the coaches through their efforts that week. The “Champion of the Week” receives a certificate to take home at the end of the session.

Rider of the month

At the end of each month we'll award one rider in each Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy a special prize as our “Rider of the Month”. Rapid progress and dogged commitment to mastering new skills are equally on the radar of our eagle eyed coaches as they nominate the riders who have most impressed.

Pedal Points

Being a regular rider with the Academy has its own set of awards, so when you reach 25, 50, 100 and 200 sessions with the academy, you unlock access to exclusive merchandise that recognises your commitment.


Below are some images of our students having fun and working hard during our classes.

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