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Our Winter Cycling Clothing Checklist

On rainy and cold days, our academy sessions will still go ahead as normal.  We only cancel sessions if it would be unsafe for riders.  Cancellation would therefore only be needed in the event of ice, snow, or strong winds.

We want all our members to get the very best from their sessions.  This means making sure you have all the necessary kit with you for winter rides.  Even in wet conditions, it’s possible to stay reasonably warm and dry if you wear the right clothing.

Winter Cycling Clothing - Our Essentials Checklist

We asked Pro-Cyclist and our Co-Founder, Graham Briggs, to give us his advice on how to get your kids prepared for cycling in winter.

“My first piece of advice is to make sure they have gloves.  The hands are the most exposed to the elements, even if it doesn’t feel so cold to start with, once you get riding and the wind and rain start blowing on them, your hands will really start to feel uncomfortable. 

Keeping your hands warm is critical so that you can brake properly and change gears easily.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive kit.  If your child already has bad weather clothing they use for school or other activities then these will be fine.  A track suit or waterproof trousers are a great idea.  If you don’t have waterproofs, just layer up.  Remember, when cycling legs are generally warmer than your upper body because they are moving all the time. Make sure to layer up your top half with 2 to 3 items.  You can shed layers as and when you need to, but you can’t put it on if you don’t bring it with you!

We still get a few kids coming to sessions who are a bit stubborn.  They may have seen cyclists on television in their short sleeved jerseys and cycling shorts and want to wear the same.

But pro-cyclists would never start a ride without the right kit. 

When it’s cold and wet, they make sure their legs are covered with winter bib tights or leg warmers.  They’ll be wearing overshoes, a cycling cap or skull cap under their helmets, a base layer and arm warmers.  They may only start shedding layers after an hour once they’ve got going.

The British weather is always changeable too - you may start the session at a sunny 10 degrees but then a rain shower will soon leave you feeling cold. It will spoil the sesion for both you and the other participants if the coach has to interrupt normal lesson plans to do more warming up activities.”

Checklist for PEDAL classes

Legs covered

Coat (Water resistant or waterproof is ideal)

Full fingered gloves - Madison Clothing do some great children's gloves

2-3 Layers (at least one long sleeve jersey or top)

Cap or hat under helmet

Neck Warmer


Checklist for RACE classes

Long tights or bib shorts and leg warmers

Long top (layers)

Rain Cape


Cap or hat under helmet

Full fingered gloves

Neck Warmer

Snack - bag of jelly babies, cereal bar, anything small to provide extra energy


And last but not least, our famous Clancy Briggs bobble hat will keep you warm in-between rides!

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