Our Favourite Ramps and Equipment

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Our Favourite Ramps

We absolutely love using ramps and equipment at our cycling sessions!

Not only do we think that they can be a fantastic aid in teaching everything from correct technique to weight distribution but on first sight they have a big impact and create that sense of excitement and anticipation, by the end of the session once riders have conquered the ramp they experience a real sense of achievement and pride.

We carefully pick the pieces of kit we think are best suited to the locations we coach from & as a result use a combination of manufactures, currently we use a mixture of Timberfly ramps and Sender ramps. We spoke to our coaching team in Doncaster about the pieces of kit they most enjoyed using, here’s what they had to say…….

Ed O Connell.

Ed’s favourite piece of kit is the Sender Ramps CoPilot Limbo/Bunnyhop kit. “it’s a fantastically versatile piece of kit that’s really useful for getting youngsters moving their weight around the bike”

Picture of the sender CoPilot kit.

Graham Briggs

Graham loves the see-saw “the see-saw looks so impressive, it’s a daunting piece of kit to overcome the first time you look at it, particularly the new narrow sender see-saw, however that just means it’s all the more rewarding when youngsters ride it for the first time. It’s so good for teaching them slow control and weight distribution”

Young rider walking over the Seesaw ramp.

Ali Slater

Ali thinks the Sender progression ramp is his favourite “I love how adjustable the progression ramp is, I think we use the expert which adjusts between 500-650mm high. Teaching the youngsters how to control and react to their bike in the air is such a useful skill for when they’re out on the trail, by being able to start low and build up it means we can teach the technique in a really safe progressive way”

Sender Ramps expert progression ramp.

Ed Clancy 

Brilliant minds must think alike, Ed also loves the See-saw’s “they’re a good one for teaching weight distribution and moving your body weight around on the bike, moving back as you go up it and moving forwards and look to go down the other side. It also teaches youngsters to use their arms and legs as suspension to cushion and smooth out the movement”

Timberfly kicker + high top box.

What next?

If you like the sound of ramps and pieces of equipment then head over to our academy page to get yourself signed up to your nearest class or if you’d like to have a ramp at home to practice on then head over to Senders website here.

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