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New Year Learn To Ride Course

In the new year we’re running another of our special Learn to ride courses. What better way to get used to those new bikes from father Christmas! The course is comprised of 1 x 45m cycling lesson each Saturday at the Doncaster Dome cycle Track every weekend in the month (a total of 4 classes). It’s aimed at any youngster who has yet to develop the skills or confidence necessary to ride a bike unaided.

Learning to ride a bike is, we believe, a fundamental life skill. Studies have shown that cycling not only improves health, both physical & mental but it’s a brilliant form of transport, cost effective, reduces pollution & traffic. Above all, cycling is fun & we love to see young riders out on their bikes enjoying the simple pleasures of a bike ride.

Our January learn to ride course will give youngsters the opportunity to develop the skills & confidence needed to ride unaided.


The cycle track at Doncaster provides the perfect location in which to learn, it’s 1km loop of super smooth tarmac is ideal for youngsters learning the basics. It’s wide, car free and has all the room needed to allow for those wobbles that inevitably happen when learning to ride your bike. Our expert coaches are all well experienced in getting riders going on two wheels, we’ll ensure we create an atmosphere which helps build confidence and trust – 2 vital elements of learning to ride. We’ll instruct riders in starting, stopping, pedalling and basic bike control. When teaching a youngster to ride, we break the process down into 2 parts. Initially we focus on balance, removing the pedals and allowing riders to gain a feel of how to glide. Once riders are competent in balancing the bike, we introduce pedals and help riders combine the skills – once you’ve learnt, you never forget.


Our January learn to ride classes take place at the Doncaster Dome cycle track, 09:45-10:30, on Saturday mornings. The course can be booked for £40.

Sign up here - https://www.clancybriggs.co.uk/academy/book-class/65422f067beac13300d032d7

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